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Long Museum West Bund by Atelier Deshaus

The new design adopts the cantilever structure featuring “vault-umbrella” with independent walls while the shear walls with free layout are embedded into the original basement so as to be concreted with the original framework structure. With the shear walls, the first underground floor of the original parking has been transformed to an exhibition space with the overground space highlighting multiple orientations because of the relative connection of the “vault-umbrella” at different directions; besides, the electrical & mechanical system has been integrated in the “vault-umbrella” structure. Via

Finlandia Caviar Shop and Restaurant by Joanna Laajisto

Helsinki-based designer Joanna Laajisto has managed to avoid the clichés by designing this low-key caviar shop and restaurant. The interior is inspired by Scandinavian winters and all furnishings is by finnish brands and/or local craftsmen. Natural wood and simple geometric patterns are especially effective in evoking a Finnish winter landscape. Via

Immanuel Church and Parish Centre by Sauerbruch Hutton

Sauerbruch Hutton arranged the buildings of the Immanuel Church and Parish Centre around an existing parish garden, creating a series of wooden structures that nestle amongst a group of trees. Each building is constructed from timer and clad with the diagonal panels. “Their character is defined by simplicity of form combined with straightforward construction and honest materiality,” said the architects. Via